An easy and pain free way to take a shot.  This dual chambered shot glass holds the perfect amount of chaser in the bottom to be followed by any shot of hard liquor. Watch the video to find out more about Flipshot!

Introducing the Next Generation of Drinkware with No More Afterburn


Finally, shot drinking that makes sense.

The Flipshot® is a unique, dual-chambered shot glass that enables consumers to drink the shot of liquor and chase it with a second beverage with a simple push of a button. A rubberized flap in the interior of the cup separates the two liquids so that they do not mix or leak. Pressing the magnetic button pushes the rubber flap  to the open position and allows one to easily prepare, as well as drink, the liquor/chaser combo.


FlipShot Jager Redbull
Flipshot Russian Vodka
Kahlua Rum Flipshot Shotglass
Flipshot Scewdriver OJ Vodka
FlipShot Jack coke
Gin Tonic Flipshot dual shotglass

To Use the FlipShot, Follow the Steps Below


Pour Chaser


Release Chaser


Pour Shot


Drink Shot


Drink Chaser

Flipshot Fun

Use the FlipShot when you are at bars,  clubs, the next party or when pregamming!

Eco - Friendly

Made of high density, very durable plastic that is BPA and BPS Free

Cleaning is Easy

You can shake and rinse or  stack them in a dishwasher

“The number one reported complaint about taking shots of alcohol is the taste and burning sensation.“

Ever wish you could eliminate or minimize that sensation?

A strong burn or intense taste is good occasionally

While some crave that challenge of a burning throat and intense taste, most of us just want to drink the shot and let the good times roll.  If you can imagine your next outing or party with FLIPSHOT® then you can imagine that smooth aftertaste of the chaser and not your ridiculous face after a liquor only shot, so you can get back to being life of the party!

How FlipShot Works & Why


FlipShot is the result of mechanical engineering, physics, ingenuity, and pure necessity! The peak burning sensation occurs between 1 – 4 seconds after swallowing the shot of liquor. The FlipShot delivers the chaser in 0.41 seconds!

That is fast enough to quench the burn BEFORE it develops!  

By delivering the chaser the instant after consuming the shot, the major burning sensation does not have time to accumulate. After the FlipShot’s chaser is engaged, any residual burning sensation which previously coated one’s throat is washed away.

The end result is a very smooth taste transition, leaving many with smiles on their face the instant after the shot (which is very hard to do without the FlipShot; seriously, try it).

Unlike other shot glasses, FlipShot truly works to minimize the afterburn of liquor.

This is extremely useful for those who are a baller on a budget, and need immediate relief from the taste of that $9, bottom shelf liquor!

So whether you are partying in a dorm with the cheapest liquor in the store, or sipping top shelf liquor at a bar, grab a FlipShot to better enjoy the shot and more importantly, enjoy time with your friends!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

It works great! I enjoy taking shots again…

Anna N

Violinist, PSO

Some great combos… but I like a double shot for the maximum effect

Nate A.


Once I got the hang of using it, I loved it. Thanks Flipshot!

Holly C


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